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   In today's struggling economy, more and more companies, large and small, are forced to cut costs and downsize by eliminating jobs and laying off their workers... costs such as health insurance, vacation pay, sick leave and other employee benefits that are commonly associated with corporate employment.  Alternatively, many of these companies are surviving by outsourcing much of their work needs to home workers just like yourself.

So, we've put together a powerful, extensive "must have" list of more than 3000 REAL companies, firms and organizations that need new home workers now!

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These home workers are people just like yourself.  Why do these companies hire home workers?  It's simple --  cost efficiency.  It's cheaper to pay you to work from home, rather than employ you in the corporate workplace, and supply you with the high costs of workplace accommodations and employee benefits.  By outsourcing their needs to home workers, they eliminate these costs associated with health insurance, workers compensation, vacation pay,  sick pay, and overtime.  Cutting these costs add up to big savings for smart, modern time companies.

Studies have shown that the average customer still receives the same quality of service and attention, whether the service comes from a corporate employee, or a contracted home worker, working from the comfort of their own home.  GET THE LIST!

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Bookkeeping, Recordkeeping, Data Entry, as well as Credit Collections, are occupational tasks commonly outsourced to home workers by many companies.  Others count on home workers to perform minor and major assembly - constructing products in their home, and preparing them for the marketplace.  Many companies need home workers to organize and send out mailers and advertisements, or "stuffing envelopes" as we've all heard it called.  Do these companies really exist? Yes, they do... and, lots of them. 

Many, if not most of these companies require no experience for these jobs.  We have gathered and combined all these companies nationwide, more than 3000 in all,  into a simple, comprehensive list of these companies, with complete contact information for each.

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I got the list -  Now, I get to work from home like I've always dreamed.  Now, I'm the boss, and I get to make my own hours, and time off.  My daughter and I spend a lot more time together, and I make a lot more money doing things my way!

Liz Ashford - Newport, OR

Where I'm from, there's not a lot of work these days... I now work two jobs from my home office, but I usually only have to work around five or six hours a day, four or five days a week.  I make great paychecks, and I've saved a load of money by not having to put gas in my car all the time just to get back and forth to work.  I love it!  Trust me, get the List!

Martin Jansen - Olathe, KS






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